David Celaya – HipHop / Rap Artist out of Los Angeles CA

DAVID CELAYA – HipHop music from Los Angeles California


David Celaya music

David Celaya music

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LIVE CHAT : Girls With Sexy Natural Tits on Cam NOW


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Marijuana 420 Sex – Labudsmoke

Los Angeles California is known for the best weed in the world and the most beautiful girls too. Here is a blog that is a ode to the best girls and bud in L.A. and southern California.

L.A. girls have the best 420 and sex, the best bodies and tanned skin. L.A. Bud Smoke parties are so much fun. Sexy girls love marijuana: here are some great party pictures of homegirls in Los Angeles Smoking Weed……sexy girls smoking weed:

We asked a super sexy latina L.A. girl Danielle – What is it like for you having sex while stoned off 420 smoke? :Yeah..the orgasm is very intense and exciting. My legs become sleepy and my chest turns blush red….. the leg thing is weird. It’s not even pain, just complete loss of control. Almost like them being asleep with out the prickles. Sometimes I can’t even stand, sex and california weed are great. It’s a fucked up feeling– wonder why it doesn’t happen to men. Hmmm..
When anyone finishes sex themselves and then ignores finishing off their partner they are an ass… it’s part of the job like 2pac said, fair exchange, bitch.

Thanks for the insight Danielle.

We then asked this sexy Rocker girl with a half sleeve of tattoos,daisy dukes and wife beater, red lips, and black hair blue eyes…fucking HOT Los Angeles Girl – what do you think of 420 marijuana and sex: I love having sex while stoned on 420 my two fav things in the world sex and weed….I love getting it from behind while he touches my big tits, cupping my c cup tits and passing a blunt back and forth…one of my friends will finish rolling the blunt and fire it while getting me warmed up w/ some slow strokes then once its lit we just hit it marathon style while passing the blunt over my shoulder...he is a great friend cuz he can just keep going and going cum go to bathroom take off condom put new condom on come out get back in and on we go….no rolling over and getting lazy for me…cuz im rubbin that clit til he comes back….lmao!!

sexy ass L.A girls love marijuana and sex

Los Angeles CA is also known for OG Kush, OG Bubba Kush, OG Silver Haze , Marijuana Edibles ……gotta Love L.A……..to learn more about Marijuana , sexy L.A. girls and Los Angeles Cali ….visit


LA is full of sexy latina, black girls, and russian girls with GREAT ASS, smoke out with some sexy girls by the beach is a daily thing here in Cali!!

Los Angeles California : LABUDSMOKE

Strippers or porn stars….they all love weed….the girl next door in L.A. even loves weed. Everybody in L.A. smokes big BUDS everyday, holler at labudsmoke if you love L.A.

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